Welcome to the Wildlife Studios (“Wildlife) Content Usage Policy (“Policy”). This Policy governs your use of Wildlife’s copyrights and trademarks from our games, including any related fan kits provided by us ("Wildlife Assets") for Fan Content purposes.

We love that you are all passionate about Wildlife’s games, and are interested in creating your own clothing, art, memorabilia, websites, fan fiction, and other materials based on Wildlife’s intellectual property (“Fan Content”). However, at times, some people go too far and take advantage of the Wildlife community. They will try to pass off their own products, services, sites, or videos as being connected with, endorsed, or produced by Wildlife. This isn’t very fair to Wildlife or our community.  If you plan on creating your own Fan Content, we’ve outlined the do’s and don’ts below. We will not give advance warnings for violations of this Policy.


A.   Fan Content Purposes only

Your use of Wildlife Assets in Fan Content must be limited to displaying, identifying, and discussing only Wildlife products as permitted by this Policy. This means that you cannot create new products or content based on Wildlife Assets. Permitted Fan Content normally includes, for example, non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan meetups, fan pages, and gameplay videos (on the basis that they follow this Policy). We do not prohibit our fans from creating games using Wildlife Assets, however, any games you create may not be used for commercial purposes except as permitted in this Policy (e.g., you may not charge a fee to play the game or use the game to promote your business or commercial venture or allow a third party to do so).  You may not use Wildlife trademarks or logos as part of your game logo or the names of Wildlife Assets in a way that suggests Wildlife is the originator of your game or that the game is authorized or endorsed by Wildlife.  Referencing Wildlife game characters or features is fine, for example, “A Fox’s Adventure” but we may object to a title like “Zooba: Nix’s adventure.”  Wildlife may revoke your limited license to develop such games at any time.

B.        Your use must be non-commercial

You are not allowed to charge a fee of any kind for, or in connection with, your Fan Content, but we may permit you to monetize your Fan Content on a case-by-case basis (please contact us in advance to obtain our permission). You may, however, monetize your Fan Content without our approval through advertising (e.g., by uploading a video of you playing a Wildlife game on YouTube or Twitch), or through donations from individuals. Any advertising must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and developer policies. If you receive donations in connection with Fan Content you create, they must be purely donations in nature and not tied to any monetization of Wildlife Assets except as expressly permitted in this Policy.  Some examples of Fan Content that we are okay with our fans monetizing include:

  • Fan Content with original material or designs that adds enough individual creativity to make the Fan Content distinctive (i.e., no stickers, merchandise or toys that just copy the Wildlife Assets).  For videos or streams, this would mean adding your own unique content, such as audio commentary or footage of you making cool stuff.
  • Your original material created from scratch is the main attribute and value of the Fan Content and not the Wildlife Assets.
  • The word “Wildlife” or references to Wildlife Assets, including our logos and the titles of our games, are not the dominant or main part of your Fan Content and you don’t purport to be officially endorsed by Wildlife or have any association with Wildlife.

C.   We can stop you from creating Fan Content

We reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we are comfortable with. At any time and for any reason, we may revoke the limited use license provided under this Policy and tell you to stop and you agree that you will do so.

D.   Respect our brand

You cannot create the impression that Wildlife is a sponsor, creator of, or otherwise endorses your Fan Content. You cannot lead people to believe that the materials you’re creating are official Wildlife products. You also cannot create any materials from the Wildlife Assets that are similar to Wildlife's logos, trademarks, or other elements of Wildlife’s products and services. You can't, at any time, modify Wildlife Assets except as permitted in this Policy.

E.        Please be good!

You must not use Wildlife Assets on or in connection with any Fan Content that:

  1. promotes or contains cheats, hacks, exploits, automation software, bots, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with any Wildlife game;
  2. makes defamatory or dishonest statements about Wildlife and/or its products, employees and agents;
  3. makes statements that may damage the goodwill, value, or reputation of Wildlife;
  4. promotes, directly or indirectly, account trading;
  5. promotes, directly or indirectly, the manufacturing and/or distribution of unauthorized Wildlife merchandise;
  6. contains information which is not yet public;
  7. contains sexually explicit, derogatory, or suggestive materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities; and/or
  8. contains other objectionable content, including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, weapons, or political ads.

F.   Insert disclaimers

You must include the following notice (or a substantially similar notice) in a font legible to end users of the Fan Content in connection with your use of the Wildlife Assets: "This material is unofficial and is not endorsed by Wildlife. For more information see Wildlife’s Fan Content Policy: [insert URL].”  Where it is impractical or unfeasible to include a legible notice (e.g., if your Fan Content is a small gif or meme), you should make clear that the Fan Content is not an official Wildlife product or approved by Wildlife and you cannot pretend to be Wildlife or claim any association with Wildlife in connection with your Fan Content.

G.   No domains or the like

You can't register domain names, social media accounts, or related addresses for your Fan Content which include Wildlife’s trademarks.


A.   Enforcement of our rights

We reserve our right to take legal action against you if you do not comply with this Content Usage Policy (or the broader Wildlife Terms of Service).

B.        Developer policies and agreements

You must always follow applicable developer policies and agreements in force which govern use of the channels where you share your Fan Content.

C.   Our use of your Fan Content

You agree that we may periodically improve or modify your Fan Content without compensation to you in a manner we consider reasonable.  For example, by using it in our games, reposting it in our online channels, or using it in our marketing activities.

D.   Feedback

Your feedback, information, or suggestions regarding our games or otherwise is welcome and if you provide this to us, you understand and agree that we can use it without further compensation or other obligations to you.

This Policy is part of the Wildlife Terms of Service (see www.wildlifestudios.com/terms-of-service/).  We may modify the Wildlife Terms of Service at any time. When using Wildlife Assets for Fan Content purposes, your use is subject to the Wildlife Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). In the event of any inconsistency between a provision of this Policy and a provision of the Wildlife Terms of Service, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.