Squadron Wars allows Squadrons to take on opposing Squadrons to compete for rewards and honor points.

When do Squadron Wars take place?

Squadron Wars last for 48 hours and begin at the following times:
1st Squadron War
  • Start: Tuesday [morning] (1 am UTC+1)
  • End: Thursday [morning] (1 am UTC+1)
2nd Squadron War
  • Start: Friday [morning] (1 am UTC+1)
  • End: Sunday [morning] (1 am UTC+1)
You will also see a notification on the home screen to let you know when the next war begins:

How do Squadrons access Squadron Wars?

For Squadrons to participate, the Squadron must have at least 10 active players in the Squadron for the last 5 days.

We determine "active" member as someone who logs in every day for 5 days and plays at least 1 PvP match each day for the 5 days to be active.

Squadrons automatically opt into Squadron Wars if they have at least 10 active members or more. If the Squadron meets this requirement, they will be put into matchmaking when the next Squadron war begins.

If a Squadron doesn't have the minimum of 10 members/10 active members, they won't be put into matchmaking and will lose 30 honor points, if the Squadron had any to begin with. If your Squadron is not eligible, they will see a message stating they can't participate:

How do Squadron Wars work?

When the next Squadron War begins, they'll be matched against Squadrons that have similar honor points to them.

During the two days of the war all battles that the Squadron members fight will count towards their squadron score. The scoring system is simply the sum of XP points the members of the squadron earn during the war. Whoever has the most XP at the end of the war wins!