Uninstalling the game will, unfortunately, cause your progress to be erased from your device.
However, it's possible to restore your progress if you have previously saved your account using Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID.

If you have made sure to save your account before uninstalling the game, here's how you can recover it:

1. Open the game and tap on the gear icon on the top of the main screen to open the Settings menu;

2. Tap on "Account", then tap on the button next to the option you used to save your account before reinstalling (Facebook or Google Play/Apple ID);

3. You may be requested to log in, so make sure you use the correct account.

- Keep in mind that it is only possible to restore your progress between devices with different operating systems (Android to iOS, or vice-versa) if you previously saved your account with Facebook.

If you find any problem with this process, please, check the article "I lost my account, can I restore my progress?" so you can learn how to contact us for help with your account retrieval.