Before creating a Squadron, you must be at least at the rank of Lieutenant-2

  1. Tap the Squadron icon on the home screen:
  2. Tap the "Create" button:
  3. Fill in details for the Squadron. This where you enter the name of Squadron, its tag, a brief description, Squadron Badge, type and Squadrons language.
  4. Once happy, tap "Create 💎40", 40 💎 will be removed, and the Squadron is made.

Understanding the "Create a Squadron" screen

  • Name
    • The desired name for your Squadron (15 character limit)
  • Tag
    • The desired tag for your Squadron that appears beside Squadron members names (3 character limit)
  • Describe your Squadron
  • Type
    • The privacy of the Squadron, "Open to Join" means anyone can join. "Application required" means a member must accept them into the Squadron.
  • Squadron's language
    • The preferred language in which the Squadron communicates in
  • Badge
    • This will be the symbol associated with your Squadron. You can edit the badge by tapping "Tap to edit", allow you to pick the Shape, Symbol and Colour of the badge. You can also randomize the badge by tapping the "arrows" button.